… preliminary autopsy results showed only scratches and a bruise a few scratches and no life threatening injuries.

-Sheriff Jeff Easter, press conference, September 30

How could that be said when this was his condition?The coroner’s report also diapers the timeline and events presented by District attorney Marc Bennett.

Does this anger you?

It should!

What should you do?

Ask yourself, if it were your child, and these delays and false information were given out, while still no charges filed, no admission of guilt and no responsibility taken…

What would YOU DO?

START THERE… And go do it.

Call, March, Shout, Visit, Write, Share, Email, post, tweet, comment


by any means necessary


Sedgwick County sheriff Jeff Easter phone number: 316.660.3900

Sedgwick County District Attorney Marc Bennett phone number:316.660.3600

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