… preliminary autopsy results showed only scratches and a bruise a few scratches and no life threatening injuries.

-Sheriff Jeff Easter, press conference, September 30

How could that be said when this was his condition?The coroner’s report also diapers the timeline and events presented by District attorney Marc Bennett.

Does this anger you?

It should!

What should you do?

Ask yourself, if it were your child, and these delays and false information were given out, while still no charges filed, no admission of guilt and no responsibility taken…

What would YOU DO?

START THERE… And go do it.

Call, March, Shout, Visit, Write, Share, Email, post, tweet, comment


by any means necessary


Sedgwick County sheriff Jeff Easter phone number: 316.660.3900

Sedgwick County District Attorney Marc Bennett phone number:316.660.3600

Official response of Cedric Lofton’s parents to coroner’s report

December 27, 2021

Re: Statement on behalf of the Family of Cedric Lofton in Response to Release of Sedgwick County Autopsy Report

Today, the Chief Medical Examiner for Sedgwick County, Kansas, confirmed that Cedric Lofton’s death was a homicide.

According to the Medical Examiner, Cedric suffered “cardiopulmonary arrest … after a physical struggle while restrained in the prone position.”

This confirms our belief that Sedgwick County personnel at the Juvenile Intake and Assessment Center (JIAC) in Wichita killed Cedric.

As supported by the video evidence, these individuals unjustifiably and with excessive and unreasonable force pinned Cedric to the ground, ultimately killing the unarmed, 135-pound, 17-year-old African American teenager.

Cedric’s family anxiously awaits the findings of the criminal investigation and believes the Sedgwick County District Attorney should pursue criminal charges against the law enforcement personnel responsible for Cedric’s death.

Cedric’s death was caused by the hands of the very authorities that were obligated to protect him and make sure he was safe. Instead, they killed him with conscious disregard for the young life in their keeping.

This is a tragedy of epic proportions!

These senseless killings by authorities must stop! Cedric and his family deserved better.

Cedric’s family will not rest until they have secured justice for him. – Civil Rights Attorneys Steven Hart (312.955.0545) and Andrew M. Stroth (844.878.4529)

Parent’s Attorneys Use Law To Demand Footage

WICHITA, KS – Relying on the Kansas Open Records Act, Sarah Harrison and Chad Lofton, the parents of Cedric Lofton, demanded transparency into the death of their 17-year-old son. Cedric died from injuries sustain while in custody at the Juvenile Intake Assessment Center in Wichita, Kansas.

Earlier today, civil rights attorneys Andrew M. Stroth, Matt Topic, and Steven Hart sent a formal request under Kansas law to the Wichita Police Department, the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, Sedgwick County, and the Sedgwick County Sheriff Department demanding that Cedric’s family be given access to any videos of the incidents resulting in Cedric’s tragic death.

“On September 24, 2021, everything changed for the family of Cedric Lofton. When law enforcement uses deadly force, it is critically important that families have prompt access to videos and other records so they can better understand what happened and test official statements like those that have already been made here,” said Andrew M. Stroth and Matt Topic.

A copy of the letter can be found here.

Before & After Photos Of Cedric with Plea From Parents To Release Footage

Honorable Governor Laura Kelly
State of Kansas
300 SW 10th Avenue, Suite 241S
Topeka, KS 66612-1590

Re: September 24, 2021 Killing of Cedric Lofton

Dear Honorable Governor Kelly,

The weekend before last, on September 24, 2021 our 17 year-old son Cedric Shemar Lofton was taken into custody by the Wichita Police Department, unreasonably detained with handcuffs and the WRAP restrain system, taken to the Juvenile Intake Assessment Center (“JIAC”), and ultimately died from his injuries.

Cedric loved his family and his job, was a student at Wichita High School East, enjoyed writing songs and poetry, and liked to sing.

We are reaching out to you, as the Governor of Kansas, to ask for your help, as we try to come to terms with Cedric’s death at the hands of law enforcement officers in the City of Wichita and Sedgwick County. It is our understanding that authorities within the Kansas Bureau of Investigations (“KBI”) and others have in their possession video and other evidence of how our son died while in their custody.

If you have even the smallest amount of compassion for our family, would you please arrange for us and our legal counsel to view all of the video evidence of the moments leading up to the tragic death of Cedric. This includes video evidence from the Wichita Police Department, Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office, and videos from the Juvenile Intake Assessment Center so we can learn more about the final moments of our son’s life.

We are setting up an official memorial and information website at:www.JusticeforCedric.com where we will update supporters and the public with new information regarding our son and this case.

You may reach us through our attorneys, Andrew M. Stroth, Action Injury Law Group – (844) 878 4529 or [email protected] and Steven Hart at Hart McGaughlin Eldrirdge – (312) 955 0545 or [email protected]

We have also designated Pastor Maurice Evans as our family spokesperson. Pastor Evans can be reached at (530) 763 2867 [email protected]


Sarah Harrison and Chad Lofton, mother and father of Cedric Lofton

cc: Mr. Brandon Whipple, Mayor – City of Wichita
Mr. Kirk D. Thompson, Kansas Bureau of Investigations
Mr. Marc Bennett, Sedgwick County District Attorney
Mr. Gordon Ramsey, Police Superintendent, WPD
Mr. Robert Layton, City Manager – City of Wichita
Mr. Jeff Easter, Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office
Ms. Glenda Martins, Wichita Department of Corrections
Mr. Joel Hrabe, Deputy Secretary of Facilities Management
Members of City Council – City of Wichita